Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Reduce Driving Stress (And Save Gas!)

Current Weight: 221 lbs.
Body Fat: 29.9%
Change 17: Reduce Stress Pt. 2

Driving, especially to work each morning, causes a lot of stress to many people. There are many causes, such as construction, harried due to time, and even other drivers. To reduce stress on the road, and save fuel, follow a few simple rules.

1. Don't race. Accelerating quickly from a stop-light is a fast way to burn a lot of fuel, and when you are trying to accelerate faster than the driver next to you, you push them to accelerate faster. Competition causes stress, especially when you lose, even if the competition is insignificant.

2. Drive the speed limit. Not 10 over, not 5 over, just the limit. Cruise along at the speed limit, let other drivers pass you or change lanes in front of you. It isn't a race to get where you are going, just take a leisurely drive. Being courteous to others can be a relaxing and peaceful experience.

3. Give yourself time. Don't be harried and rushing to get where you are going. Leave with enough time to ensure you get there on time, or a few minutes early. If you are late, this can cause work-related stress, and trying to fight other drivers to get in front of them or change lanes at the last minute can cause trouble too.

While the drive to work this last week has been more relaxing this past week, making these small changes has also increased my fuel efficiency by 10%.

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