Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gaining Weight!

Current Weight: 227lbs
Body Fat: 40.8%

I can't believe I'm still gaining weight, and not losing body fat. I'm obviously gaining strength, as indicated by the increase in weight amounts I am able to lift. But, muscle mass and body fat percentage are not changing and my weight is increasing.

Tuesday's Workout

Assisted Dips: 12r at lvl 11 (58 lbs)
Assisted Pullups: 12r at lvl 15 (82 lbs)
Seated Chest Press: 12r at 125lbs
Seated Overhead Press: 12r at 120lbs
Cable Crossovers: 12r at lvl 7 (weight unknown)
Standing Calf Raises: 12r at 81lbs
Seated Flys: 12r at 94lbs
Seated Rows: 12r at 144lbs
Camber Curls: 12r at 55lbs

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