Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Workout

The week has already started yesterday with my bike ride, such as it was, and my workout for this week has no gains. My son has started Baseball and practice is on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so we'll be working out after practice, if it doesn't go too late.

Current progress:
Tuesday's Workout:

Assisted Dips: 12r at lvl 12 (weight unknown)
Assisted Pullups: 12r at lvl 15
Seated Chest Press: 12r at 110lbs
Seated Overhead Press: 12r at 110lbs
Cable Crossovers: 12r at lvl 6.5 (weight unknown)
Standing Calf Raises: 12r at 69lbs
Seated Flys: 12r at 87.5lbs
Seated Rows: 12r at 137.5lbs
Camber Curls: 12r at 50lbs

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