Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Discouragement and a Reboot

Last winter I got seriously discouraged due to a plateau. I couldn't break 213, and my weight kept going up and down around there. I took a break from measuring, took a break from Taekwondo, and from all other exercise. I gained a few pounds in the process. I should have at least maintained what I was doing to hold the current weight, now I feel like I have to start all over again and it makes it harder than when I initially started.

Regardless, in February of this year (2008) I enrolled in the local YMCA and started a weight lifting regimen. The choice of exercises right now are to build the muscles I want to focus on, my perceived weak spots. By gaining lean muscle mass I hope to increase my metabolism and further my long term fat loss goal. I'll be back-posting the old workouts as I get time, as well as future workouts and additional informative articles.

In addition to the exercises I'm doing at the Y, I'm also starting to ride my bike to work irregularly. It's a 12 mile trek 1 way and my bike is a mountain bike (Trek 4100 Alpha), not really designed for street riding, but it does the job. I'll be discussing that too.

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