Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Too Much?

It seems I won't have a chance to work out Thursday, so I'm making up for it today. Or am I? Working out the same muscle groups 3 days in a row without a day off may work, or it may over-stress those muscles and joints giving a diminished return, with increased risk of injury. I guess we'll see.

Wednesday's Workout:

Assisted Dips: 12r at lvl 12 (weight unknown)
Assisted Pullups: 12r at lvl 15
Seated Chest Press: 12r at 100lbs
Seated Overhead Press: 12r at 90lbs
Cable Crossovers: 12r at lvl 6 (weight unknown)
Seated Leg Press: 12r at 195lbs
Standing Calf Raises: 12r at 62.5lbs
Glute Extensions: 12r at 87.5lbs (each leg)
Seated Flys: 12r at 87.5lbs
Seated Rows: 12r at 137.5lbs

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