Saturday, February 16, 2008

End of the Second Week

Second week over and things are going well. I'm not sure when I'll start weighing myself again, however, because I'm worried the lack of weight loss, or even weight gain, will be discouraging. Even though I know in my head that by building lean muscle mass, which is denser than fat, will cause a short term gain.

Saturday's Workout:

Assisted Dips: 12r at lvl 13 (weight unknown)
Assisted Pullups: 12r at lvl 15
Seated Chest Press: 12r at 80lbs
Seated Overhead Press: 12r at 55lbs
Cable Crossovers: 12r at lvl 5 (weight unknown)
Seated Leg Press: 12r at 190lbs
Standing Calf Raises: 12r at 56lbs
Glute Extensions: 12r at 81lbs (each leg)
Seated Flys: 12r at 56lbs
Seated Rows: 12r at 131lbs

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