Monday, August 20, 2007

Eating Too Much

Current Weight: 217 lbs.
Body Fat: 29.2%
Change 25: Learn Why I Eat Too Much

Working on the processing of calories helps with one part of our equation (You remember the equation, right? We covered that the first day. Weight gain = calories consumed - calories burned). And, while it may be easier for most people to work on that part of our equation (there are typically more things we can do that affect it), it is equally, if not more, important to work on the "calories consumed" part too.

For many it comes down to figuring out the "why." Why do we eat as much as we do and why do we eat the foods we do? It can be as simple as convenience: It is far easier to drive through McDonalds than to cook a well balanced meal. It can be as complicated as psychological issues: Food never rejects us, food makes us feel good, etc. Once we know the reason why, we need to work on correcting that so we can control our intake as easily as we control our outgo.

Do you know what your "why" is?

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