Monday, May 28, 2007

Weigh Yourself Every Day

Current Weight: 235 lbs.
Change 1: Weigh yourself every day.

By tracking changes regularly, we become more aware of how our everyday actions affect those things we are tracking. One study showed that freshman college students who did no other change than weigh themselves regularly during their first semester gained 25% the weight of those who did not weigh themselves.

Seeing changes, even little ones, can also be very motivating. Some days the change will be a negative loss (a gain in weight), but a recorded negative trend will deter any discouragement. Pick a regular time of day to weigh yourself, since your weight will vary throughout the day, and weigh yourself in the nude, so you are recording only your actual weight. A good way to perform both of these is to weigh yourself after your morning shower.

A good digital scale is not necessary, any scale you have should work fine, but a digital scale will give a more accurate and consistent reading. A digital scale will also show smaller changes, which can be more encouraging.

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